Traditional Maialata

November 30 Maialata
November 30 Maialata

The traditional Maialata returns on November 30th!

The typical Cremonese dishes await you at Lido Ariston Sales.

The menu of the evening:

"Gratoon" - ciccioli
Lard and bacon with toasted polenta
"Buton de pajas" with fresh polenta
Pork legs "carpione"

"Riis cun li vérzi màti" - rice with cabbage

"Scòota dit de òs e de pée" - bones and legs "scottadito"
Cotechino with lentils and polenta
Ribs with cabbages
Liver with onions and "kidney" sautéed with polenta

"Sbrizulùusa" de la Tilde - typical cake with eggnog


Euro 25,00 drinks not included

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Mobile 340 4910036