The Lido Ariston Sales family

The Lido Ariston Sales was founded in 1957 by Attilio and Wanda as a small wooden chalet on the banks of the Po, surrounded by nature, where one can taste local dishes made with the fish of the great river.

Due to a short circuit, the chalet was destroyed by a fire and it was rebuilt with wood but in stone and became a true restaurant on the river Po.

In 1959, the weather was not the best, the river was swollen but everything was ready for the inauguration. The first bottle was opened and the restaurant was named Lido Ariston.

Lido Ariston Sales, the story

The river, however, decided to cross the embankment and all participants had to take refuge under a large tree, a weeping willow, and there the second bottle was uncorked and from this shelter came the second name: Sales, willow in Cremonese dialect.

The years passed, between a plate of marubini and a plate of river fish, and between several floods Tilde was born.

Lido Ariston Sales, the story

The restaurant expands, more and more customers become fond of the genuine cuisine of Mrs. Wanda and the dance parties thrown by Attilio.

Today Attilio and Wanda are no longer there but nothing has been lost of the tradition that has been passed on to their children and that still continues with the same commitment and family atmosphere that characterizes the Lido Ariston Sales.

The dishes that are served vary according to the season and the availability of fresh products in our territory and our production and breeding.Lido Ariston Sales, the story

The Lido Ariston Sales offers the customer fresh, genuine and carefully selected products as well as products of their own production such as meat, vegetables and poultry that are home-raised, as well as homemade pasta, from the complicated Marubino to the simple Tagliatella.

Lido Ariston Sales has been a restaurant on the river Po since 1957

The Lido Ariston Sales is on the banks of the great river Po and on our menu there is freshwater fish: small fish, catfish, eel, perch fillets and sturgeon.

Possibility of booking for groups, weddings, communions with personalized menus and desserts, pastries and homemade cakes.