• Country appetizer: Selection of local cold cuts: 24 months aged Parma ham, coppa piacentina, Cremonese salami, omelette and sweet and pickled vegetables
  • Culatello di Zibello with butter flakes
  • Smoked goose breast with foie gras pate and croutons
  • Soused river fish with polenta
  • Marinated salmon carpaccio with herbs and croutons
  • Cuttlefish salad with crispy vegetables and potatoes

First courses

First courses
  • Tagliolini with nettles and duck ragout
  • Tagliolini "bucon del pret" (bacon, mushrooms and cream)
  • Ricotta and spinach tortelli (*) with butter and sage
  • Gnocchi (potato dumplings) with tomato sauce
  • Green gnocchi with gorgonzola in a basket of Grana Padano cheese
  • Crazy Macaroni (pepper, ham and chilli)
  • Baked Crepes with four different cheeses au gratin
  • Guinea fowl tortelli with butter and thyme
  • Marubini with three kinds of broth
  • Pumpkin tortelli
  • Bigoli (long fresh pasta) with cod, cuttlefish, capers, taggiasca olives and Pachino tomatoes
  • Three first courses (minimum 3 people): crespes, tortelli with ricotta and spinach and "bucon del pret" tagliolini

Second courses

Second courses
  • Boneless Guinea fowl stuffed with baked potatoes (*)
  • Baked veal fillet with baked potatoes (*)
  • Veal fillet with porcini mushrooms (*) and polenta
  • Beef stew with polenta
  • Sliced beef with rosemary and baked potatoes (*)
  • Beef rib with baked potatoes (*) (approx. 500 gr.)
  • Beef tongue with Cremonese sauce
  • Baked pork knuckle with potatoes
  • Fried mix of eel, catfish and river fish (minimum 2 people)
  • Cod with capers, parsley and polenta
  • Golden perch fillets with coarse vegetables
  • Baked gilthead seabream fillet with capers, olives, aromatic herbs and coarse vegetables
  • White sturgeon in Calvisano Mediterranean wine with roughly cut vegetables
  • Eel, prawn tails, crunchy vegetables and citrus fruits
  • Mixed cheeses on a cutting board with apple-lemon mustard


  • Tart with peaches and amaretto
  • Sfogliatine with chantilly cream
  • Cremona nougat semifreddo
  • Zabaglione parfait with chocolate sauce
  • Licorice parfait with mou sauce
  • Cream dessert with wild berries sauce
  • Homemade tiramisù with crunchy chocolate
  • Chocolate salami with chantilly cream
  • Tiramisù with seasonal strawberries
  • Pineapple carpaccio


  • River muffler - by reservation
  • Baked eel cake - by reservation
  • On Friday evening (minimum 6-8 people) Valencian paella - by reservation
  • Saturday and Sunday evening Torta fritta (fried flatbread) with spalla cotta and other local cold cuts

Please note that some foods may contain allergens. Please refer to the table below and consult the staff. If there is no fresh product, quality frozen foods (*) are used. Our fresh and stuffed pasta is made in house and is cut down to -30 ° for proper preservation. On request and booking dishes for celiacs or with different intolerances are available.